Project Members

Charalampos (Haris) Kapolos is a Jack of all trades, responsible for the contents of the book (text and diagrams), the typesetting, the Greek translation, the paperwork and this website. If anything goes wrong it’s his fault.

You can find him usually in variations of the nickname “Jeth Orensin” (facebook)
Jeth_Orensin in DGS
JethOrensin in OGS

If you find any problems with the book or the website, PM him on those platforms.
He is lurking there, playing moves all day. 🙂

Pixlebun is the amazing artist from the UK who made the book covers! She has been a absolute pleasure to work with.

You can find her awesome art at:

Or watch her stream at

Or you can buy her colouring book from Amazon:

Lucas Félix de Oliveira Santana, who single-handedly translated the first and second chapter of the book in Portuguese Brazilian. His attention to detail is unparalleled! Awesome work!!

Jean-Louis Tu, who came in with the speed and ferocity of a summer storm and completed the translation of the first of the book in French and immediately went on to make impressive progress in translating a lot more chapters, as well. Amazing speed and efficiency!!

Project members are considered the people that helped a lot with the creation, translation or the artwork of the books

Project Contributors

Here will be added all the people that either send corrections and feedback for the books (even if it only a single mistake) or donate via PayPal and Patreon (even if it is a single euro). If someone doesn’t want to be listed, please let me know. Thank you!

Proofreaders & Contributors

P. Lainas, P. Lithadiotis, E. Gounari, Th. Arvanitis, F. Boyiatzi, N. Roussos, S. Djepov (well spotted!), P. Zazanis, P. Heeney, betterlife, A. Riniotis, J.Celko, J. Levenick, J. Carrère, Tryss, Ch. Loudoux, D. Wu