News and timeline of future goals

– In the coming months, there will be corrections and feedback received from the readers, that will have to be implemented. After that, if there has been enough support, the goal is for one hundred printed copies of the Greek version will be made and then given for free to the Greek Go Association and Cyprus Go Association, to distribute as they see fit.
The translations have begun and hopefully there will be players from other countries that would like to help with the translation of the book.

Timeline of achieved goals

-10 March 2019: Updated versions of al the pdf files are uploaded. Various suggestions from feedback were implemented. A smaller sized version was also implemented and uploaded, as was requested by players. Spelling errors were corrected and a diagram that had the wrong sequence of moves has been replaced with a correct diagram.

– 22 February 2019: The first chapter is translated in Brazilian Portuguese and uploaded in the website for a free download.

– 20 January 2019: Updated versions of the pdf files are uploaded

– 15 January 2019: The translation templates are created. translation to other languages begis

– 12 December 2018: Project goes live

– 11 December 2018 : Received the ISBN. Creating the website.

– 09 December 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 7 is complete.

– 04 December 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 6 is complete.

– 22 November 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 5 is complete.

– 12 November 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 4 is complete.

– 04 November 2018 : Received the covers of the book from Pixlebun.

– 31 October 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 3 is complete.

– 23 October 2018 : Proofreading and translation of Chapter 2 is complete. Changes in sentences, grammatical errors and some diagram that were missing numbers were reworked

– 08 October 2018 : Greek version and proofreading of English version begins. A lot of diagrams change in the first chapter to look more in line with the style of the later chapters.

– 03 October 2018 : Writing of the book content is complete. Proceed to make contents, indexes and various extras that belong in the front and back pages of the book. 

– 10 September 2018 : Writing of chapter 7 begins. It contains 57 diagrams

– 17 June 2018 : Writing of chapter 6 begins. It contains 153 diagrams

– 06 March 2018: Writing of chapter 5 begins. It contains 135 diagrams

– 12 December 2017 : Writing of chapter 4 begins. It contains 141 diagrams

– 22 October 2017 : Writing of chapter 3 begins. It contains 64 diagrams

– 22 June 2017 : Writing of chapter 2 begins. It contains 129 diagrams. Various stylistic decisions are being made/implemented.

– during May 2017 : Feedback  is coming in. Slight changes are being made and  grammatical mistakes are corrected. It is confirmed that what is being written is understood by people that have no previous knowledge of the game.

– 06 May 2017 : a draft of the first 16 pages is ready, in both languages and it is distributed to friends that have no past experience or knowledge of Go and how it is played. The process of handling both the creative part and the translating part at the same time, is deemed counter-productive. Decision is made to continue with the English version and translate it to Greek after the whole content is done in order to be more productive and proofread the English version while translating it into Greek.

– 14 April 2017 : project starts by trying to write the first chapter in both English and Greek at the same time (page by page). It contains 56 diagrams